About Moo & her passion for brew

Moo’s Broos is a small UK-based independent company in Kent, providing premium quality loose-leaf tea that’s 100% organic and lovingly selected from ethical sources. There are no nasty bee-killing pesticides and carcinogenic fertilisers, just really tasty, happy tea. 

Moo’s Broos values are health, integrity & quality. Having suffered with fibromyalgia and belly problems for a long time, she found effective relief from drinking blends of different herbs, flowers and teas, but also started to find out so many facts that were really distressing. From details of how some mainstream teas are no better than the sweepings from factory floors, some peppermint teas contain fluoride and plastic in teabags to name a few of these issues!

She realised how much this was so far from how things should and can be. This became a passionate driving force to create a product that is honest and clear about all ingredients, where they are from and how it’s delivered to you.

With a passion for nature, supporting the environment and working in-tune with the planet, the moon cycle and universal energy laws. All the teas have been blessed and filled with loving intentions to bring goodness, happiness, peace and ease to those who drink them.

One of the main goals is to spread knowledge of the science of conscious intention on matter and the molecular structure of water with the influence of positive loving energy on it. So it seemed common sense; why would we want to put any product out into the world that hasn’t been blessed? What a wonderful way to spread the love!

And there it was born, MandyMoo’s passion for tea, herbs and flowers from across the lands for all to savour, lovingly and carefully brought to you.

Cosy cup of tea