World Bee Day 2020

Allow me to take you back in time to the date September 15, 2014, during one man’s drive to work on a cool overcast Monday morning in Slovenian. A Mr Bostjan Noc president of the Slovenian Beekeepers Association. Was listening to the radio as the broadcaster spoke of World Day and its importance.

As Mr Bostian Noc was well aware of the importance of Bees and their contribution to the world, he questioned, ‘Why can’t Bees have a World Day too?’

But why May and why May 20?

The same question came to my mind also. Here’s what I found out.

Anton Janša born to Slovene parents and was baptized on May 20, 1734, his exact date of birth was unknown, but Anton loved both painting and bees, and it was his love of bees that pioneered apiculture – bee-keeping is how we know it today. In fact, most of the knowledge we know of apiculture today has either come from his early books.

World Bee Day is, of course, to create awareness of the importance of bees, but our bees are not just the only pollinators we need to give thanks to. Butterflies, moths, birds, fly’s beetles, bats and ants also contribute. But let’s just say without our pollinators erm, well, the human race and all of Earth’s ecosystem would not survive. To put it another way – We Will Not Survive.

Just to add a bit of welly behind that claim, here’s someone you may have heard of to back me up. Einstein.

‘If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.’

Well, you have my attention Einstein that’s for sure.

Anton Janša clearly saw the benefits of these little babies, but the more I get to find out about these magnificent beings, the more I am in awe of them.

Here’s why –

During World Bee day we are offering 20% off anything you buy here and donating 1% of profits to Friends of the Earth. We are too small to be affiliated, unfortunately, but we donate anyway and as we are growing day by day it gives us something to aim for.

OK, let’s fly in…

Here are 5 Top Facts why Bees are so important to our ecosystem and Us humans

Did you know?

1. Bees are pollinators playing an essential role in our ecosystem. Pollinating our grass, trees, fruit, and flowers. They make up one-third of the world’s crops. Look at it this way. How do you start your day? What did you have for breakfast? Do you like keeping healthy? Aria Bendix wrote an article for Business Insider France after attended a breakfast with food that would disappear if our bees become extinct. Say goodbye to your morning Coffee folks!

2. It is said that 80% of the US crop relies on the honeybees for pollination.

3. By pollination of trees and helping them grow, the trees provide shelter for larger animals during the hot summer months

4. Bees pollinate crops such as flax and cotton. Flax is used for diabetes, helps to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure, and is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid ALA, and fibre.

5. The vibration of bees is said to help trigger a meditative trance that is similar to our self-healing frequencies. Sound crazy? Well, you can actually have Beehive therapy.

Bees are truly amazing insects. They should be referred to as our Superheroes. Not only do they keep us alive, but they also provide us with health benefits with the honey they produce.

Here are 5 Benefits of Honey

1. The method the bee processes honey means it has already been pre-digested, so it’s easily absorbed in our bodies and is therefore excellent for those that have a weak digestive system and provides us with an instant energy boost.

2. Unpasteurized honey is used to treat wounds due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Studies have shown that using Manuka honey can boost infection and healing time.

3. Plants contain Phytonutrients helping to protect them from harmful rays from the sun and other nasty insects. The phytonutrients in honey offer excellent antioxidant properties on top of the immune-boosting advantages.

4. Honey has always been used to help soothe sore throats and adding some lemon to hot water makes a refreshing remedy for chesty coughs.

5. Creams and lotions for the face and body containing honey offer a nourishing effect to the skin and have astringent and antiseptic qualities.

Try this as a natural Hand Softener –

Mix together: Honey, egg yolks and sweet almond oil

In fact, there are many more benefits and uses for honey you can read more about them here

Now for the even more Yummy part.

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