Environmental impact is a huge deal for Moo’s Broos. I believe we should respect, care and protect the Earth and our environment. 

We are 100% organic, which means we avoid all the nasties we can and we strive to eliminate the use of plastic. Instead we package our tea in an alternative called natureflex which is a clear bag made out of wood pulp from sustainable forests and is compostable in your own home. So just throw it in the food bin when you’ve finished.

Our boxes are made from cardboard and we are aiming for this to be from sustainable sources of wood pulp too, however we’re not quite there yet so it gives us something to work towards.

1% of all profits from Moo’s Broos goes to charity to help the plight of the bees. We have so much to be thankful to them for and without their mighty skills of pollination we wouldn’t even have delicious teas, flowers and herbs to enjoy. And quoting Winnie The Pooh, I couldn’t have said it better;

“Tea and honey is a very grand thing.” 

We can’t rely on others to reign in the negative impact humans are having on the Earth and this page is about teaching how we are each responsible for our personal impact on the environment and how to empower others to take positive action to protect the planet and its resources.

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